"I have just recently found my style and sound so I would like to establish it with the third studio album. The elements on the album will remain the same as in my previous albums, also the versatile style of songs. I like to keep the big dynamic changes between my songs, so that album songs feel radically different from each other." tarja talking about colours in the dark last year.

Anonymous: I'd like to see a photoset of how female ladies dress on their every day lives:3

I’ll try c:

It’s the same as before (about her life changed since her became a proud mom) . It’s my passion…but now I have another passion which is lying next to me now (on cue Vincent screams out)…and he likes to sing as you can hear. I enjoy both – being a mom and being in a band. Of course, in singing there’s new emotion in my voice that was is in this record that wasn’t there before. It’s the mommy emotion – the mommy element.

Anonymous: can you do more Tarja edits/gifs please? :)

Of course c:

Anonymous: D'awww thank you so much for such cute Vibby gifset, made my day thousand times better <333 so love that part of Widow's Tour. You're awesome haha.

Awwwwn, you’re welcome!! Yeah, she’s the cutest thing on the Earth haha And thank you <3

Anonymous: Where is Alexis Brown (Straight Line Stitch)?

Sorry but I don’t listen to this band. 

Alissa White-Gluz + hairporn.

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